Personal Taxes

I offer personal tax preparation and advice. I optimize your tax returns for you and your family for the best possible savings and answer your personal tax questions. You will receive an annual tax checklist and update to ensure you are taking advantage of and are aware of any new tax changes.

Check out Resources & Tools for tax tips and updates, checklists and worksheets

My clients include:

  • self-employed musicians, writers, real estate agents, sales people and other businesses
  • retirees
  • public servants
  • employees with employment expenses
  • families
  • disabled persons
  • students
  • investors including rental properties


All fees subject to GST/HST

Basic tax return $175 (1-3 tax slips, RRSP, 1-3 donation receipts)

Tax return with investment income, medical, other deductions $200 to $300

Tax return for salaried employee with employment expenses $250

Tax return for commission employee with employment expenses $275

Self-employed tax return $450

Statement of Real Estate Rental – add $100

I am happy to provide you with a fee quote for your specific situation. Please include the following information: whom the returns are being prepared for, what type of income does each taxpayer earn, what are the typical deductions and credits you claim (e.g. RRSP, medical, donations); any other pertinent information.

Filing tax returns for past years

I have helped many people get caught up with their taxes. It can be stressful to have those unfiled tax returns hanging over your head. Start by taking a small step such as booking an appointment or having a chat about what information you need. You may be eligible to use the Voluntary Disclosure Program.

If you have received a demand to file from CRA, you should make your best effort to file as soon as possible. Canada Revenue Agency has the ability to issue arbitrary assessments based on what they think your income might be. Once that arbitrary assessment is filed, CRA can then collect that tax through garnishing from your wages or bank account.