Death & Estate Taxes

Dealing with the death of a loved one can be a very emotional and difficult time. I help family members and estate trustees (executors) with sorting out all the income tax matters including filing final personal income returns; filing estate trust returns if needed and preparation of clearance certificate requests.

After our initial meeting, I will send you a personalized schedule of the expected timing of filings and other deadlines.

Estate Trustee Tax Checklist (PDF)

Deceased Persons – Tax Information for Estate Trustee (PDF)


Final personal tax return $500

T3 Trust income tax return $1,000 to $2,500 depending on complexity

T3 Trust income tax return CPP death benefit only $600

T3 Trust income tax return Henson Trust $800

TX19 Clearance certificate request $300

I am happy to provide you with a fee quote for your specific situation. Please call me at 613-731-1527 or email me at

Unfiled returns

For different reasons, sometimes the estate trustee falls behind in dealing with the tax affairs of a deceased person. I have helped many estate trustees get caught up with prior year tax filings. We are often able to submit the tax returns through Canada Revenue Agency’s Voluntary Disclosure Program (VDP) which cancels late filing penalties and may also provide some interest relief. Where the criteria for VDP are not met, I have helped estate trustees recuperate late-filing penalties through the Taxpayer Relief Program.