Personal Taxes

I offer personal tax preparation and advice. I optimize your tax returns for you and your family for the best possible savings and answer your personal tax questions. You will receive an annual tax checklist and update to ensure you are taking advantage of and are aware of any new tax changes.

Check out Resources & Tools for tax tips and updates, checklists and worksheets

My clients include:

  • self-employed musicians, writers, real estate agents, sales people and other businesses
  • retirees
  • public servants
  • employees with employment expenses
  • families
  • disabled persons
  • students
  • investors including rental properties

Filing tax returns for past years

I have helped many people get caught up with their taxes. It can be stressful to have those unfiled tax returns hanging over your head. Start by taking a small step such as booking an appointment or having a chat about what information you need. You may be eligible to use the Voluntary Disclosure Program.

If you have received a demand to file from CRA, you should make your best effort to file as soon as possible. Canada Revenue Agency has the ability to issue arbitrary assessments based on what they think your income might be. Once that arbitrary assessment is filed, CRA can then collect that tax through garnishing from your wages or bank account.


I am happy to provide you with a fee quote. Please include the following information: whom the returns are being prepared for, what type of income does each taxpayer earn, what are the typical deductions and credits you claim (e.g. RRSP, medical, donations); any other pertinent information.


Death & Estate Taxes

Dealing with the death of a loved one can be a very emotional and difficult time. I help family members and estate trustees (executors) with sorting out all the income tax matters including filing final personal income returns; filing estate trust returns if needed and preparation of clearance certificate requests.

After our initial meeting I will send you a personalized schedule of the expected timing of filings and other deadlines.

Estate Trustee Tax Checklist (PDF)

Deceased Persons – Tax Information for Estate Trustee (PDF)

Unfiled returns

For different reasons, sometimes the estate trustee falls behind in dealing with the tax affairs of a deceased person. I have helped many estate trustees get caught up with prior year tax filings. We are often able to submit the tax returns through Canada Revenue Agency’s Voluntary Disclosure Program (VDP) which cancels late filing penalties and may also provide some interest relief. Where the criteria for VDP are not met, I have helped estate trustees recuperate late-filing penalties through the Taxpayer Relief Program.

Business Taxes

Sole Proprietorships(self-employed)

As a self-employed individual, your net business or professional income is reported on your personal tax return. It is therefore important to understand what you information you need to track in order to complete your return and minimize your taxes. You will also need to consider other taxes such as HST and payroll taxes if you have employees. I can assist with getting you set up and have developed easy to use worksheets to capture the information you need.

Self-employed taxes – how they work

Tracking your self-employed income and expenses

Self-employed worksheets



I provide corporate income tax preparation for service based corporations such as consulting businesses, training businesses and landscaping businesses. A corporation is a separate legal entity so it is important to set up the business properly and understand all the filing requirements.

New Corporations – Tax and Accounting Information (PDF)


I assist businesses with GST/HST return preparation, how to track the GST/HST you owe, and electing for the Quick Method of Accounting. Many businesses such as consulting business benefit from using the Quick Method which results in the business being able to keep some of the HST collected.

When do you have to register for GST/HST? Generally, if the business revenue exceeds $30,000 in one calendar quarter or if your revenue exceeds $30,000 in four consecutive calendar quarters you must register for HST. For more information, go to CRA’s website,, and search “HST for businesses”.

Payroll Taxes

Do you have employees or self-employed contractors? For employees, making timely remittances is crucial. I can assist with helping you understand payroll calculations and assist with the preparation and filing the T4 tax sIips. If you have self-employed contractors, make sure you understand the difference between an employee and a contractor. If Canada Revenue Agency determines your contractors are actually employees this will result in a large cost to the business for CPP and EI remittances.

Voluntary Disclosure

If you are behind in your taxes (personal, corporate, HST, payroll), and CRA has not issued a demand to file, you may be able to file under the Voluntary Disclosure Program which means that no late filing penalties will apply. There are specific procedures that must be followed to file under VDP, contact me for more details.

Taxpayer Relief Program

There may be extenuating circumstances that prevented you from filing your tax return on time: physical illness, death in the family, depression or severe stress, fire, flood or other disasters. CRA has a taxpayer relief program where interest and penalties may be cancelled. Specific criteria must be met for taxpayer relief to be granted. Contact me for more details.